Conspirators at Electronics Alive IX

Professor Alan Price has been invited to show his work as part of the Electronics Alive IX exhibition at the Scarfone/Harley Gallery at the University of Tampa. He will be showing The Conspirators, a networked multi-user virtual reality installation using two Oculus RIft headmount displays. The show opens Tuesday, January 24 and runs through March 3, 2017.

On Tuesday, January 24, Alan Price will be presenting a talk, Creating the Conspirators, in which he will discuss the concept and development of his work being presented at Electronics Alive IX, along with references to prior work with virtual reality and autonomous characters exploring issues of narrative, proxemics, gaze, interface and intervention. 

The Conspirators is a networked virtual environment in which multiple players don a head mounted display and enter a small town to observe its inhabitants. The people in the town are autonomously driven with a tendency to collect in groups on the street, engaging in conversation unknown to the players with the intent to invoke paranoid curiosity. Players must strategically infiltrate the growing conspiracies, risking their own discovery, capture and attempts by the residents to throw the player down a well. Players become foreign intruders meddling in an unfamiliar culture.