Landing/Place - Animation in Dance Performance

Bebe Miller, Professor, Department of Dance
Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Animation Specialist, ACCAD
Brian Windsor, Motion Capture, ACCAD
Marlon Barrios-Solano, Real-Time Video Interface Design, Department of Dance
Hyun Jung Chae, GRA, Department of Dance
Eric Camper, Lab assistant, Department of Art
Fran Kalal, Lab assistant, Department of Design

Project: Landing/Place is a dance multimedia performance choreographed by Bebe Miller, combining dance with motion capture, live and pre-recorded video, and computer animation. Landing/Place, a full evening of work that will be completed in 2005, concerns the impact of the unfamiliar against the everyday (picture any collision of images that tells you you're not at home). The work explores sensory, spatial, and cultural dislocation, the yearning towards order in the apprehension of difference. While inspired by Bebe Miller's travels in Eritrea, Landing/Place is created as a portrait of a more common landscape, the daily exchange of competing ideas of 'Place.'

Established in 1985, the mission of the Bebe Miller Company is to support the artistic vision of choreographer Bebe Miller in creative, cross-disciplinary explorations and in creating and performing new words.

Landing/Place was developed with support from the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design and the Department of Dance at the Ohio State University.

Landing/Place will be presented at the following sites:
Bates Dance Festival (in-progress version)
Univ. of Maryland (premiere site)
Wexner Center for the Arts
Columbia College (Chicago)
Cleveland Performing Arts
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF)
Dance Theater Workshop (NYC)

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