The Experimental Media and Movement Arts Lab (EMMA) is located in the Motion Capture suite
at ACCAD on west campus.

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The Experimental Media and Movement Arts lab (EMMA) is a joint creative research project of the Department of Dance and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Research projects in the lab integrate the body and technology in myriad ways including but not limited to: multimedia dance and theater productions, creative media laboratories, performance art installations, experimentation in artist-driven tech tools development, musical recitals exploring the performers' physicality, experimentation with interactive technologies, lecture-demonstrations, courses that require projected media or video conferencing and more.

EMMA is a media-smart teaching space, a lab for experimentation, and an intelligent stage for performance projects. We seek to foster interdisciplinary teaching and innovative performance practices by collaborators from across the arts and sciences. The space offers students and faculty access to a unique combination of creative research tools including a black box stage space with a sprung wood floor and Marley for dancing, a spiral track with hanging scrims, theater and video lighting, sound equipment, a video rack, multiple projectors, computers, and cameras. It also includes a Vicon motion capture system, wireless virtual reality, video, and sensor equipment, and access to all of ACCAD's additional computer graphics hardware and software resources.

The EMMA Lab was founded with a three-year grant from the College of the Arts and is currently supported by the Department of Dance and The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. Since 2005 the Lab has already been host to more than 2000 audience members from the University and surrounding communities and has made possible new research activities and intermedia learning experiences for hundreds of students in dance, visual art, theater, and beyond.


Call for Proposals March 2013:

The EMMA Lab is currently seeking proposals for research and performance projects from OSU students, staff and faculty. The deadline for projects that will take place during March 2013 is Friday Decamber 14, 2012 at 5:00pm. Proposals received on this date will be given priority. Additional submissions are welcomed year round and will be assessed based on remaining space and resources in the lab. The further in advance requests are received, the more likely it is that EMMA will be able to offer support. Find more Information and download the Application Form here.

EMMA Contact:

Matthew Lewis 
Graphic Research Specialist, ACCAD
P: 614.292.0747
F: 614.292.7776
Norah Zuniga Shaw
Associate Professor, Department of Dance
P: 614 247.7379
F: 614.292.0939