Moon Rush is a web-based 3D computer game that promotes the new moon race supported by Google Lunar X Prize. This coming moon exploration will be accomplished with the ingenuity and cost-effectiveness of private enterprise rather than large government programs. Currently Moon Rush (in design phase) is participating in the game design competition for SpaceIL mission, sponsored by the Schusterman Family Foundation in partnership with Games for Change.

We are team Lunar Rocks, the graduate students in Computer Science & Engineering Department, ACCAD, and Design Department at The Ohio State University. We all love game design and have a passion for space exploration. Our team is excited about the opportunity to contribute our skills, experience, and passion to SpaceIL’s mission.


Lunar Rocks Contact Info:
Primary Contact: Cheng Zhang
Mailing Address: 395 Dreese Laboratory, 2015 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210