Currently Lunar Rocks team has two graduate students - Cheng Zhang and Sheri Larrimer. We may recruit more students to speed up the implementation if we win the competition.

Cheng Zhang is a PhD student in Computer Science & Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. Her research interest includes computer games, virtual reality, computer animation, and general topics in computer graphics. Cheng obtained her Design MFA at OSU in May 2013 with the focus of digital animation and interactive media. Before coming to Ohio State, Cheng was a software engineer developing commercial software in Silicon Valley for several years. Cheng has a passion for space exploration and astronomy. She has accumulated a great amount of knowledge about the Moon, particularly in the historic Apollo mission through her MFA thesis project The Moon Experience. The Moon Experience is an interactive and immersive virtual reality system that allows participant to experience what looks like on the Moon. The goal is to create an effective learning experience in a virtual space, which would otherwise never be experienced in the real world. The Moon Experience was selected and demoed at the Center of Science and Industry (The science Museum in Columbus, Ohio) and in STEAM factory. Her passion for space exploration and astronomy has been reflected in her other projects. The Solar System is a short educational animation, which is adapted by a Netherland national television program. The Nearby Star System illustrates reachable stars in a virtual space, which is actually within 50 light years. Newark Octagon Earthworks illustrates the lunar motion and its 18.6 year cycle. Please see her online portfolio for more details at

Sheri Larrimer is an MFA candidate at The Ohio State University studying design with a focus on digital animation and interactive media. Her research centers on the development of meaningful gameplay and the relationship between narrative and game mechanics. Prior to her graduate studies, Sheri received a BFA in Time Based Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She taught children’s computer animation classes, and continues to have a great interest in teaching future generations and fostering curiosity. Her in-progress MFA thesis project is a videogame about exploring the mundane world as a tiny creature. The gameplay and story within the videogame are being designed to reward curiosity and inspire players to look at the world from a new perspective. Sheri has also worked on “Newark Octagon Earthworks”. Her contribution to the project was to create an interface prototype to assist participants in discovering the lunar cycle and its connection to the Octagon Earthworks. Sheri’s work can be seen on her online portfolio at Sheri and Cheng have worked in the same project – “Newark Octagon Earthworks”, in which they have developed an efficient collaborative working relationship.

Dr. Roger Crawfis is our team’s advisor. He is an Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering at The Ohio State University. He also holds adjunct position in the Biomedical Engineering Department, and the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design (ACCAD). His research interests lie in the areas of computer graphics, high-performance computing and rendering, game technologies, scientific visualization and medical imaging. He serves or has previously served on the Editorial Board for the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, the IEEE Visualization conference series, the Eurographics/ACM visualization conference series and many smaller workshops. Roger has authored over 100 scientific publications, and is actively involved in the graphics community. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society. From 2005-2010, Dr. Crawfis also served as the Chief Software Architect for DSCI, Inc.’s next generation simulation image generator, Vision. Vision provides the capability to render massive terrain databases with terabyte image resolution using advanced algorithms and new features of the GPU. Dr. Crawfis also regularly consults on general programming issues, mainly with either C++ or .NET technologies using C#. His expertise and advice will be valuable for our team to meet this challenge.

We are grateful for the helpful comments from Professor Manoj Srinivanson (in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department) and Professor Alan Price (in Design Department and ACCAD).