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R. Brian Stone
Associate Professor The Ohio State University
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Information Design
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A graphic designer maintains a perspective based upon an awareness of fundamental principles, self-criticism, and a process oriented approach to his or her work. From this vantage point, he or she understands the implications and connections between form, media, and information, and possesses the flexibility and inventiveness to address the ever expanding body of knowledge and complexity of our culture. When conveying information, it is our mission to develop a clear and effective picture for our audience. As with music, design can set a mood, generate tension, surprise, or calm; it can startle or seduce. We must communicate information through form, color, texture, and visual symbols.

OSU design students developed a pair of visual narratives depicting sequence, evolution, or cycles. Panels (20x30) may contrast or compliment one another. Additional projects are featured in the book edited by Steven Heller entitled “Teaching Graphic Design.”

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