R. Brian Stone
Associate Professor The Ohio State University stone.158@osu.edu
Principal Latitude 40 skype: rbs158
Latitude 40
R. Brian Stone in the house

Latitude 40 is a consortium of design consultants focused on the creation of screen-based forms that enable interaction. Screen-based communication presents new challenges, obstacles and opportunities. Latitude 40 applies a user–centric research approach coupled with usability to serve as guided intelligence for screen-based design solutions and content delivery that succeeds. Our goals:
• Find new opportunities: when identified, the desires, needs, and behaviors of users become powerful opportunities for innovation.

• Build and develop ideas: our analysis and evaluation of research data facilitates the development of ideas into results.

• To reduce costs and rework: by solving the right probelms and identifying issues early, we find and resolve problems quickly, reduce errors, and optimize the design and development process.

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Interaction Design

Kinetic Typography

Information Design

Environmental Graphics

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Design Research


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Latitude 40

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Design Research
Research for mobile phones
Design Research
Research for mobile phones
Inneswood Gardens by Bok Young Kim
Card sorting for web development
Usability Testing
Usability testing