Summer 2017

NOTE: These were part of class listings from Summer 2017

ACCAD 5001: Motion Studies Through Hand-Drawn Animation - 3 cr.

Class #: 22211 (Undergrad Only)
8 Week Summer Session #2: 6/6/2017 to 7/28/2017
Days and Times: T, R; 9:30a to 12:30p
Location: Hopkins Hall, Rm 346
Instructor: Devin Ensz

The principles of animation as demonstrated through hand-drawn animation. The work produced serves as a tool for comprehending the underlying process of any animation technique. Prereq: only open to undergraduates.

ACCAD 5194.01: Media in Motion - 3 cr.

Exploring cause and effect in animation, sculpture and interactive experiences

Class #: 21968 (Undergrad)
Class #: 21883 (Grad only)
4 Week Summer Session: 5/10/2017 to 6/5/2017 (4 week course)
Days and Times: M,W,F; 12:00-4:00p
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm (TBD)
Instructor: Isla Hansen

This intensive project-based class is an experimental studio / lab that explores the relationship between animation and physical objects and spaces, prompting the constant navigation back and forth between digital and physical modes of thinking and working. The concepts we will explore as a group include the relationship between body and technology; scripted spaces and physical narratives; cause and effect in physical computing / robotics and animation; choreographed, sympathetic, or emergent movement; the translation of the digital to the physical, vice versa, and more. With animation as our lens, and from a critical perspective, we will explore ideas surrounding motion; audience participation and interactivity; mechanisms of control; multimedia sensorial experience; and post-digital aesthetic that are relevant to contemporary art and design today. Prior knowledge of at least one of the following is recommended: basic 3d modeling, animation, programming, physical computing, or physical construction.

ACCAD 5102: Programming Concepts for Artists and Designers - 3 cr.

Class #: 21993 (Undergrad)
Class #: 21992 (Grad only)
8 Week Summer Session #1: 5/10/2017 to 6/30/2017
Days and Times: M,W,F; 9:50-11:25a
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A
Instructor: Matthew Lewis

Fundamental programming concepts useful to artists and designers for creating algorithmic -based graphics and graphics tools. Prereq: undergraduate section requires instructor permission.