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Csuri iTunes Game ~ ScatterTile

ScatterTile, a new iTunes downloadable game is available. Using original digital artwork by Professor Charles Csuri, the app "scatters" an image into disorganized tiles. Players seek to return the image to it's original state with the fewest moves. The app is free.

Electroacoustic Music Concert & Talk - Sept. 20th

John Young, one of the most imaginative composers of computer music of his generation, will be presenting a selection of his multi-channel and multi-media acousmatic works, along with an informal talk about his work in general. The event will be held in ACCAD's Motion Lab (350 Sullivant Hall), Wednesday, 9/20 at 8:00 pm.

Matt Lewis - Design/ACCAD Faculty Member

Long time ACCAD Staff member Matt Lewis (PhD Computer Science and Engineering) is now a joint faculty member in both the Design Department and ACCAD.

Motion Studies Through Hand Drawn Animation

ACCAD 5001: Motion Studies Through Hand Drawn Animation was offered this summer and taught by Design MFA candidate, Devin Ensz.

Collaboration for Humane Technologies

A $130,000 grant award from the Humanities and Arts Discovery themes initiative will bring together artists, humanists and scientists to explore what it might be like to work, to play, to share and to think in more dynamic technological mediums that access our full multisensory human capacities.