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Marcel Marceau

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At its Motion Capture Lab, ACCAD promotes collaboration with researchers and artists from within as well as outside of The Ohio State University.

This lab allows us to capture human, animal, or other motion, recreate this motion in three dimensional space, and then use the resulting data to do many things from making a virtual character dance across a stage to using the data to compare different people’s walks to using the data to drive different computer generated objects and attributes in order to create never before seen results.

The motion capture lab’s staff runs the day to day operations of the lab as well as to conducts research in motion capture. ACCAD also educates people on the use of motion capture as well as how to integrate the data into other software packages in order to make motion capture a relatively easy and simple task. Full use of software and hardware is taught each year in our motion capture production course.

Our vision for the future is a lab that supports researchers and artist in recording motion capture data, collaborating, and creating new tools and art.

ACCAD’s Motion Capture lab is financed with a combination of funds from the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Research, and the College of the Arts. We are located at 1224 Kinnear Road in Columbus, OH.

The lab consists of a 14 camera VICON8i system located in a 3000 sq. foot space ACCAD uses VICON’s iQ2.5 for data collection and cleaning as well as Kaydara’s MotionBuilder™ 7.5 for attaching skeletons, motion cleaning, and retargeting of data.

* ACCAD Motion Capture Lab, 04/10/01
Photographer: Kevin Fitzsimons/OSU photo

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