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Landing/Place is a dance multimedia performance choreographed by Bebe Miller, combining dance with motion capture, live and pre-recorded video, and computer animation. Landing/Place, a full evening of work that will be completed in 2005, concerns the impact of the unfamiliar against the everyday.
Capture Date: Nov. 4 through Nov. 11, 2003 - project ongoing

Jane, The Burpee Dinosaur

The Jane project led to a lot of thoughts about dinosaur motion. Would it be possible to motion capture a person and apply that motion to a dinosaur? Knowing that this approach would not work well, it was decided that a rig could be made to approximate the proportions and bone lengths of the legs of a dinosaur. Ryan English contrstructed an exoskeletal rig that could be moved by an actor. Capturing the motion from the rig instead of the actor allows us to animate a dinosaur.
Capture date: July, September, and October of 2003 - project ongoing

Native American Dance

New Motion Capture technology provides rich possibilities to explore, fully digitally archive and critically examine the relatively undocumented and therefore invisible traditions and adaptations of Native American dance. In response, investigators propose to foster a residency think tank experience including dancers, students and audiences to explore and address these issues and produce a best practices model for the use of Motion Capture as an archival and analysis resource for ethnic dance preservation and cultural inquiry.
Capture Date: Oct. 14 and Oct. 16, 2003 - project ongoing

Chinese Dance

On October 28, 2003, Mark Bender of Ohio State University Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures had Professor Huang Jianming (Central Nationalities University, Beijing) here for a visit. We were fortunate enough to have Prof. Huang drop by for some motion capture. Prof. Huang performed four culturally significant dances from the Sani people. The Sani people are located in Shilin County, near the Stone Forest tourist site in Yunnan Province, SW China. The dances were the young male dance, young female dance, elder man dance, and elder woman dance.
Capture Date: Oct. 28, 2003 - completed Dec. 2003


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