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The Vicon 8i optical motion capture system was specifically designed for animation. The system has the capacity to hold 24 cameras. At the MoCap Lab we have 14 cameras. Increasing the number of cameras allows for greater volume coverage, which means more marker set visibility. The better marker set visibility correlates to lessened possibility for important data to be lost.

We can capture multiple actors interacting in the performance area. Vicon's software is specifically designed to enable multiple character work.

Up to 24 hours of motion capture is currently possible at one time. Because the amount of data captured in a 24 hour period can be quite large, the system can be set with a sample skip mode. This mode allows us to capture a designated number of frames per second, and therefore reduces the file size of the captured data.

The system also includes SMPTE and genlock so the system can integrate into a studio system. Triggering devices allow simultaneous recording of video to match the motion capture data frame by frame.

The addition of the Vicon iQ2.5 software makes running Realtime an easier and more stable procedure.

The Benefits of Realtime

- Live Performance of a computer generated character with live actors or the audience.
- The ability for the director and actor to view the performance in the set.
- Realtime feedback of the actor, motion, and marker set visibility
- If the marker set is put onto a different "body" it allows the actor to see the body motion and "get into character".
- You can concurrently capture data while running realtime, producing data which can be edited offline if needed

Camera System


The MCam operates with a resolution of over 1 Million Pixels and up to frames rates of 250fps. This is advantageous when you need subtle details of motion. The more data you can accurately capture the easier the processing becomes.
Some of the Advantages of the MCam:

- Produces motion capture data that is more accurate than ever before
- Distinguishes touching markers
- Accurately tracks markers in a volume: near and far, large and small simultaneously
- Increases the active area for performance
- Smaller markers may be used, fullbody, facial and hand capture all simultaneously. MCams are capable of accurately finding the
position of small (4mm) markers at distances greater than 6 metres.
- Less post processing due to the enhanced quality of the data.
- The precision and exactness of the data from Mcams drives Realtime graphics with amazing reality.

NTSC compatible modes
60 progressive scan
120 progressive scan
250 progressive scan

PAL compatible modes
50 progressive scan
100 progressive scan
250 progressive scan

Strobe -120 LED's, 615nm, red.
Lenses - Standard and Wide Angle Lenses available
Weight - 1.7 kilo, with strobe and lens
Dimensions - h = 186mm w = 135mm d = 180mm

Video Components

The Mocap Lab has two Sony DSR-PD150 Digital Camcorders which are hooked to a Videonics Video Mixer. The cameres are set at a 90 degree angle to each other and fed into the switcher's split screen DV effect to allow video capture of the motion capture session.
The video is an aid for the capture data in correcting and seeing marker points.

Sony DSR-PD150 Digital Camcorder

Compact Design
Progressive/Interlace Scanning
Manual Exposure Adjustments
Custom Preset Files
2-channel XLR Audio Input as well as a supplied Monaural Microphone.
Timecode can be preset
Digital Still Camera Functions
Auto Drum Stop
Audio Dub
Index Marking
Digital Effects
Title Function
FireWire, capable
Title Date Stamp



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