Experimental Data Visualization for Art's Birthday

Matthew Lewis, ACCAD
Daniel Jolliffe, Art and Technology, OSU

Matthew Lewis and Daniel Jolliffe presented their contribution to the Art's Birthday celebration, an annual event to celebrate the presence of art in our lives first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou. Taking part in the Scrambled Bites data exchange project, they worked with data fed over the Internet from specially designed sculptures, devices and sensors made by artists in Australia, Japan, Canada and Austria. From Ohio, other artists data will be sent representing activity in front of Hopkins Hall (at OSU), as well as the number and strength of GPS satellites in orbit over our location. This mass of data sources will be visualized in a video projection visible from the outside of Hopkins. Part visualization, part data modeling experiment, the resultant projection is a composite image of activity across the network and closer to home.

Scrambled Bites
Art's Birthday

Coordinated by the Vancouver-based Western Front artist centre

Completed on January 17, 2004