Native American Dance

Project coordinators:
Maria Palazzi, Director of ACCAD
Dr. Christine Ballengee Morris,
Department of Art Education
ACCAD staff:
Brian Windsor,
Graphics Research, ACCAD
Ryan English, GRA,
Department of Design
Native American dancers:
Kelly Keemer, Iroquois Seneca
Craig Marvin, Iroquois Mohawk
Renee Navarro, Apache
Heidi Starwalker,
Muscogee Creek

Adaptive & Multidimensional Contexts: an Exploration of Motion Capture Technology and Native American Dance Documentation
New Motion Capture technology provides rich possibilities to explore, digitally archive and critically examine the relatively undocumented and therefore invisible traditions and adaptations of Native American dance. In response, investigators have fostered a residency think-tank experience including dancers, students and audiences to explore and address these issues and produce a best practices model for the use of Motion Capture as an archival and analysis resource for ethnic dance preservation and cultural inquiry.

Completed from 2003-2004.