New Teacher Integration

Barb Olsafsky
Jeff Ostergaard, Department of Design
Hae-Kyung Chung Ko, Department of Design
Terry Hubbard, College of Education
Rick Voithofer, Ph.D., Assistant
Professor of Education

Cynthia Tyson, Ph.D., Assistant
Professor of Education

Maria Palazzi, Director of ACCAD

Fifty percent of new teachers in urban schools leave the profession in the first five years. Many were unprepared for the realities of inner city communities. This project developed a CD-ROM to be used in Columbus Public Schools orientation programs, in OSU teacher preparation classes and educational technology classes, and served as a model to teachers of culturally relevant teaching through technology. Project goals included helping new teachers to be better prepared to teach in urban schools and providing new teachers with culturally relevant technology to be used for enhancing student learning.

Sponsored by Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs

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Completed in June 2003