Seeding Sullivant Hall: Using Today’s Technology to Tell Yesterday’s Stories Through Image, Sound, and Interactive Media

This place-based project celebrates the historical and reinvigorated life of Sullivant Hall. As a way of enriching the on-campus living experience of OSU students and addressing the OSU Framework Plan, we work with students to excavate the rich historical information about the building, its namesake and its relationship to university life through archival research, oral history, and the integration of newly generated documentation.
Seeding Sullivant involves embedding the environment with physical beacon hardware that localizes access to the content database of historical and significant information about the building. People access this information (text, virtual 3D models, animation, recorded oral histories, and video clips) via a custom made app with mobile devices that are triggered at beacon points throughout the building. This mapping provides virtual experiences that place the user in the context of the building's history in a literal and interactive way. Visiting this building becomes a dynamic interactive experience making innovative use of technology that is in most of our hands every day.

Project Team Members:
Dr. Mary Anne Beecher, Design
Dr. Matthew Lewis, ACCAD
Prof. Maria Palazzi, ACCAD/Design
Tamar Chute, OSU University Archives
Prof. Susan Petry, Dance
Dr. David Staley, History
Dr. Deborah Smith-Shank, Arts Administration, Education and Policy

Funded by:
2014-2015 Framework Project Grant, The Ohio State University
2015-2016 Research and Creative Activity Grants, College of Arts and Sciences, OSU
2015-2017 Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs Grant