Sleep Deprivation Chamber

Maria Palazzi, Director of ACCAD
Matt Lewis, Graphics Research Specialist, ACCAD
Mike Altman, Department of Design
HJ (Hyun Jung) Chae, Department of Dance
Fran Kalal, Department of Design
Jenny Macy, Department of Design
Jeff Ostergaard, Department of Design
Lien Fan Shen, Department of Art Education
Carrie Wilson, Department of Design
Department of Theatre:
Lesley Ferris, Department Chairperson
Katie Whitlock
Mark Shanda
Who Jeong (Jaz) Lee
Mary Tarantino

Sleep Deprivation Chamber is a semi-autobiographical play written by Adam P. Kennedy and Adrienne Kennedy. The main character enters a sleep-deprived state in which her world becomes increasingly surrealistic. Realistic scenes are side by side with images from the character's childhood. The play has been described as a dreamlike meditation on race, truth and justice.

The Department of Theatre and ACCAD coordinated on a live performance featuring computer-generated graphics, real-time interactive triggering devices, post-processed video sequences and live video signals. Students from ACCAD produced animation and video treatments and triggering sequences that supported and exploreed the live actors' interpretation of the Kennedy's written word. These graphics included particle systems of moths, a three-dimensional metamorphosis of an african mask, simulated water effects and real-time interactive device programming for triggering visuals.

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Completion in May 2003