The Mystery Dinosaur


Dave Monk - producer, Brave New Pictures
Kathy Monk - producer, Brave New Pictures
John Lindsay - executive producer,
Discovery Channel

ACCAD Production Oversight:
Matthew Lewis, Technical Director
Maria Palazzi, Director of Animation
Graduate Students - Animation Production:
Tyler Ayres, Design
Sucheta Bhatawadekar, Design
Shana Burns, Design
Sean Chang, Computer Science
Cara Christeson, Design
Danny Guinn, Design
Fran Kalal, Design
Keith Kelley, Design
Min Lee, Art
Katie Lynch, Art
Jenny Macy, Design
Chris Oatley, Design
Jeff Ostergaard, Design
Brent Zorich, Design

In a collaboration with Brave New Pictures, ACCAD produced six animated sequences for a one-hour documentary illustrating an investigation of Jane's life, a dinosaur discovered by the Burpee Museum of Natural History in the summer of 2001. In July 2006 The Science Channel aired The Mystery Dinosaur, a one-hour documentary on the discovery and continuing scientific argument over whether Jane is a juvenile T. rex or an adult Nanotyrannus lancensis.  This documentary has now been seen in over 75 countries.