Theatre 100: On-line Courseware Development

Joy Reilly, Department of Theatre
Patrick Tuite, Department of Theatre
Traci Temple
Beth Novak, Graphic Design, Department of Design
Ann Farrelly, Department of Theatre
Sriram Seshadri, Programmer, Department of
Electrical Engineering

The Department of Theatre in collaboration with ACCAD developed Theatre 100, one of the university's largest GEC courses, for distance education. The goal of this project was to change the pedagogy of Theatre 100 by developing new methods for delivering course content using Internet technologies.

The Theatre 100 course site uses the Internet as a creative tool for understanding and thinking about live performance. A colorful, interactive and animated interface was designed to create a humorous, non-static on-line environment. The on-line content was used to supplement the textbook for the course.

Components of traditional lectures and testing were integrated into the site, using WebCT as the delivery mechanism:
1. Course content re-appropriated for on-line learning
2. Course syllabus and assignment schedule
3. Quizzes specific to course lectures testing the students' knowledge of the on-line content. Students are encouraged to revisit the web site while taking the quiz in order to answer the questions correctly
4. Streaming video examples of the creative process through original solo performance created by graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty, and student performances created to fulfill the New Works projects assignment
5. Links to internal resources (The Virtual Theatre Project) and external resources

Funding from TELR - CDG 2001

Completed in 2003