Film Synopsis

The Games I Made Up is a short animation about my childhood tendency to create imaginative games by using the world around me. Within these games I imagined everyday objects to be something more than they were, such as pretending the repeating pattern on wallpaper was an endless maze. This film captures the internal thoughts and discoveries of my freeform childhood play. Within the film I portray a series of these memories connected by visual transitions which mimic the daydream-like fashion by which I recall memories. My hope in creating a story of this nature is to induce a feeling of nostalgia within the audience and lead the audience to recall similar memories of their childhood.

Music Info

Music by Lullatone - "Leaves Falling"

running time: 3 Min 01 Sec | NTSC Full Screen 720 (4:3) | region 0 | animated | color
film by Mary Twohig| music by Lullatone | available on DVD!