Film Synopsis

Young Mother Nature is based on audio recordings with my daughter Lea, and explores the process children use to discover the world by transforming it with their imaginations. I found the imaginative play of my daughter to be one of the enduring mysteries of being a parent and also one of it's greatest joys. This animation offered me the chance to capture and preserve an artifact of her personality and creative expression. It also was an opportunity to capture our relationship as father and daughter, through the playful exchanges we shared as we took a walk in the park. By examining her imaginative transformations, I was also able to better understand my own creative processes and use this knowledge to inform my work. In Young Mother Nature I try to celebrate her process of creativity and help the viewer share this experience of discovery through play.

running time: 4 Min 30 Sec | widescreen (16:9) | region 0 | animated | color
film by Steve Conroy | available on DVD