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Team Totem Image


Totem Teambuilding Exercise:

In the past, a totem pole was carved several reasons. For example, to honor a deceased elder who was important to the carver, to show the number of rights and names a person had acquired over his or her lifetime, or to document an encounter with the supernatural. Today, totems are carved not only for those reasons, but to also tell the story about the person commissioning the pole.

Each group was given a list of totem symbols and each group member was assigned the task of designing a totem figure that best represents their strengths in the group. Once the drawings were completed, they were taped one on top of the other to create the group's totem pole. The exercise was desgined in order for group members to discover their group's strengths and weaknesses.



Group A
Gabriella C., Richelle P., Laura B., Yuegu Hu, and Shana Burns

Group B
Rachel S., Emily D., Marie B., Soki E.

Group C
Brittney B. Caitlin G., Nichole G., Fran Kalal, Jenny S.




This project is supported by the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, the Charlotte R. Haller, and Willard H. and Katherine J. Armstrong Funds of The Columbus Foundation, Mrs. Barbara Fergus, and Peachpit Press
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