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The mission of The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) is to educate, inform, and inspire innovative thinking and experimentation in the area of arts and technology through collaborative academic and research experiences for graduate students and faculty.

ACCAD is an important resource within the Division of the Arts and Humanities, the College of Arts and Sciences and to the broader University, contributing to the development of new knowledge and the training of future artists and scientists in new media.

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Csuri Receives ASC Alumni Award

Professor Emeritus Charles Csuri will receive the ASC Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award on Friday, April 25th.

Zuniga-Shaw and Chan produce Synchronous Objects book

A new book on Synchronous Objects.

Price Awarded RCA Grant

Professor Price is awarded a $14,000.00 grant from OSU Office of Research.

Vote for Moon Rush!

Cheng Zhang and Sheri Larrimer proposed Moon Rush as a game that encourages the player to strategically navigate their way to the Moon on limited fuel while avoiding unpredictable obstacles such as meteorites. Land at the Apollo 17 site and capture photos of the Moon’s surface.

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