Affiliated Undergraduate Programs

The following undergraduate program is closely aligned with ACCAD. ACCAD course offerings are part of the required curriculum, or ACCAD affiliated faculty are teaching courses for the following major. Also note that ACCAD 5000 level courses offer undergraduate sections. Students should understand course expectations before enrolling at the 5000 level.

Moving Image Production

The major in Moving-Image Production (MIP) prepares students for a range of careers or graduate studies in filmmaking. It emphasizes studio practice, the development of critical storytelling skills and a proficiency in visual literacy. This program encourages the development of a deep understanding of film production in the areas of animation, documentary, experimental and narrative cinema. The program is designed to provide students the opportunity for study in the increasingly interdisciplinary professional field of moving-image production. Integrating theory and practice, it is designed to produce filmmakers with critical-thinking sills and independent voices, who will bring new vision to the film industry, independent cinema and visual culture.

Moving Image Production curriculum

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