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Affiliated Graduate Programs

Students studying at ACCAD must first be accepted and enrolled in an Ohio State degree program. Programs that are closely aligned with ACCAD through their specific programs are listed here, however any currently enrolled graduate student at OSU is welcome to take courses at our Center.

MFA in Design

Department of Design

The MFA in Design with Emphasis in Digital Animation and Interactive Media (DAIM) provides an environment for experienced animation students developing his or her own artistic vision. Within the degree, ACCAD provides a research environment for multidisciplinary and collaborative activities extending digital animation practices beyond traditional forms to exploration of new and emerging technologies. Real time graphics and virtual environments, performance animation, game art, responsive and interactive media and installations are approaches which expand the definition and application of digital animation, providing new ground for the design and creation of meaningful content by the animation designer.

The program’s three-year curricular sequence reflects the breadth of theory, production and collaborative experiences necessary to properly prepare our students to work as independent artists new media entrepreneurs, in the digital animation and interactive industries, and in colleges and universities teaching animation and interaction related courses.

To apply to the DAIM MFA please follow the application directions here.

MFA in Dance

Department of Dance

The MFA in Dance and Technology offers the student opportunities to explore new possibilities in dance creation, performance, research, education/documentation, or analysis through multimedia technologies, interactive computing, animation, motion capture, hypermedia/telematics, interface design, and beyond.

To apply to the Graduate Programs within Dance - see Dance MFA and Dance PhD.

MFA in Theatre

Department of Theatre

The Department of Theatre’s Master of Fine Arts in Design is a rigorous three-year program in which equal importance is placed on classroom studies and production program activity. A student may select a single area of emphasis from scenic, costume, and lighting design or elect to combine areas of design for emphasis. Additionally, there are opportunities for students to include classes and research assignments through ACCAD allowing a student to augment their design degree with the exploration and practice of projection design, interactive media technology, advanced 3D modeling and printing, and advanced animation.

To apply to the Theatre MFA or PhD programs, please follow the application directions here.

MFA in Art

Department of Art

Art & Technology is an interdisciplinary studio arts program in computer mediated art, which includes interactive and electronic objects and environments, multimedia, digital video, experimental and traditional 3D animation, locative media, art & biology, digital imaging, rapid prototyping, holography, net art, installation, sound, emerging forms and new genres. The program is designed to help students discover individual aesthetics and artistic vision through conceptualization, theory and an awareness of history that critically engages the use of advanced science and technology. Students are encouraged to consider content, contexts and approaches that may not fit within traditional definitions of art or display venues. Advanced technologies are explored as creative tools and as agents, which can lead to new ideas and artistic invention central to contemporary art.

To apply to the Art MFA program, please follow the application directions here.

MS or PhD in Computer Science and Engineering with focus in Graphics

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer graphics research in Computer Science and Engineering at OSU includes the sub-disciplines of computer animation, computational geometry, and scientific visualization. Contact Dr. Huamin Wang for information on graduate study in Computer Graphics and Animation.

To apply to the CSE MS or PhD programs, please follow the application directions here.