Affiliated Faculty


The Center has a true interdisciplinary character and combines scientific investigation with aesthetic ideals. The Center offers a context in which students and faculty representing many disciplines investigate and apply the power of the digital syntax. The faculty members listed below are affiliated with ACCAD through a joint appointment with their home departments, through joint research projects or teaching within our facility.  Faculty are designated as "affiliated" when their work extends the teaching and research of ACCAD. 

College of Medicine

  • Dr. Doug Danforth: senior scientist in the Reproductive Biology and Vaccine Research Division of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

College of Public Health

  • Dr. Maria Gallo: sexual and reproductive health epidemiologist

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Dr. Tatiana Motta: Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Dr. Roger Crawfis: video games and animation
  • Dr. Jim Davis: computer vision, cognitive science
  • Dr. Raghu Machiraju: image analysis and visualization


  • Dr. Valarie Williams: multimedia applications relating to dance preservation and Labanotation
  • Prof. Norah Zuniga Shaw: dance and technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, practice as research


  • Dr. Mary Anne Beecher: american vernacular interior spaces
  • Dr. Matthew Lewis:Interactive evolutionary design, Virtual environments, Performance and installation technology
  • Prof. Maria Palazzi: animation, visualization
  • Prof. Alan Price: animation and real-time visualization
  • Prof. Kyoung Lee Swearingen: animation, lighting
  • Prof. Scott Swearingen: game design, animation


  • Dr. Rick Voithofer: technology in education

Film Studies

  • Dr. Ryan Friedman: film studies, African American literature, Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American literature, critical theory

Integrated Systems Engineering

  • Dr. Phil Smith: interface design systems, distributed work, cognitive engineering

Knowlton School of Architecture

  • Prof. Beth Blostein: architecture and technology
  • Prof. Steve Turk: architecture and technology

Moving Image Production

  • Alan Price: design technology, computer animation and visualization, interactive and immersive technologies
  • Kyoung Lee Swearingen: animation, lighting


  • Dr. Marc Ainger: composition of electronic music, MIDI

Newark Earthworks Center

  • Dr. Richard Shiels: American Colonial and Religious History


  • Dr. Lesley Ferris: directing, gender and performance
  • Prof. Alex Oliszewski, theatrical media design, experiential media
  • Prof. Janet Parrott: filmmaking and documentary
  • Prof. Mary Tarantino: computer aided lighting and set design
  • Prof. Jeanine Thompson: movement, acting