Corporate Partners

The following organizations have donated products and services to ACCAD for educational and research purposes, as noted. We thank them for their continued support of ACCAD. If you would like to become a Corporate Partner, please e-mail ACCAD.



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NVIDIA sponsors ACCAD's high-end render capabilities through their state of the art graphics cards.

Lenovo generously provides ACCAD with its ThinkStation P620 technology for education and research in 3D animation, VR, virtual production and motion capture.

ACCAD uses cutting edge software from Autodesk® including Maya® and AutoStudio™.

Pixar generously provides ACCAD with RenderMan® software for educational research purposes.

Measurand has provided ACCAD with motion capture technology to test concepts and possibilities with non-image based motion capture.

Activision generously provided an untethered grant that supports research in involving motion capture and virtual reality.