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Sonic Arts Lab

A close up shot of a sound board

The Sonic Arts Lab is a state-of-the-art immersive audio mixing studio. Teaching and research in the Sonic Arts Lab includes both practical and project-based work with a focus on immersive audio technologies. Faculty and students draw upon the interdisciplinary environment that is the strength of ACCAD to produce a wide variety of work, often interfacing not only with the animation program, but also with the Motion Lab and the SIM Lab.

In the Sonic Arts Lab, students have the capability to precisely position sounds in a three-dimensional space with the help of advanced panners and a multichannel speaker setup.

The studio is equipped with a tuned 7.1.4 speaker setup and a multichannel sound card with advanced monitoring control. The carefully treated acoustics use soundproofing materials, diffusers, and absorbers to help minimize reflections and enhance spatial clarity.

Collage of two images of equipment in the sonic lab