Sonic Arts Lab

Teaching and research in the Sonic Arts Lab includes both practical, project based work (various forms of computer music; scoring for animation, games, film, and installations ) and more speculative research (instrument and software design; performance interface design; research into new media forms). Faculty and students draw upon the interdisciplinary environment that is the strength of ACCAD to produce a wide variety of work, often interfacing not only with the animation program, but also with the Motion Lab and the SIM Lab.

The Sonic Arts Lab is a purpose-built space that is ideal for sound design, monitoring, mixing, and it includes a retractable video screen and HD projection system to aid in combining sound and image. It is built as a “room-within-a room,” creating excellent sound isolation. An asymmetrical shape and acoustic paneling help to create proper frequency dispersion. There is a variety of software and hardware, including a 5.1 speaker system, Mark of the Unicorn digital audio interfaces, and various hardware controllers.

Sonic Arts Lab acoustic instruments