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ACCAD 3350: History of Animation - 3 cr.
An overview of the history and theory of animation including origin of animation forms, Hollywood Studio animation, a sample of World Animation and contemporary animation.

ACCAD 4101:  Performance and Installation Technologies - 3 cr.
An overview of technologies useful for creating interactive installations and performance systems, using video projection, 3D graphics, environmental sensors and visual programming. Note: ACCAD 7101 is the graduate level course for this topic.

ACCAD 5001: Animation Techniques and Practices - 3 cr.
The principles of animation as demonstrated through hand-drawn animation. The work produced serves as a tool for comprehending the underlying process of any animation technique.

ACCAD 5002: 3D Computer Animation: Form, Light, Motion I - 3 cr.
Overview of 3D computer animation components and stages of production. Prereq: ACCAD 5001 for students enrolled in the MIP (Moving Image Production) program.

ACCAD 5003: 3D Computer Animation: Form, Light, Motion II - 3 cr.
This course provides further exploration of 3D computer animation and stages of production. Prereq: 5002 (or) Instructor Permission.  

ACCAD 5100: Concept Development for Time-Based Media - 3 cr.
Methods for developing concepts for time-based media through the cultivation of ideas and problem-solving strategies. Storyboarding, composition, editing and sound principles will be explored.

ACCAD 5102: Programming Concepts for Artists and Designers - 3 cr.
Fundamental programming concepts useful to artists and designers for creating algorithmic -based graphics and graphics tools. Prereq: Instructor permission for Undergraduate section.

ACCAD 5140: Interactive Arts Media I - Web - 3 cr.
Introduction to the theory and practice of the design of interactive media for the web.

ACCAD 5141: Interactive Arts Media II - UI/UX - 3 cr.
Practice in methods for designing and crafting user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) for web applications that provide a cohesive, subjectively satisfying experience for the user.

ACCAD 5142: Interactive Arts Media III - 3 cr.
This course provides applied study in creating multimedia for mobile devices. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for Arts Col 742.

ACCAD 5150: Emerging Trends in Data Visualization - 3 cr.
This course enables students to explore new and emerging visualization approaches, topics and trends in visualization research and their applications. Students will research, write about, create, and experience visualization trends.

ACCAD 5191: ACCAD Internship - 0.5 - 3 units.
A collaborative internship assignment conducted under the supervision of a faculty member. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs or 3 completions. This course is graded S/U.

ACCAD 5194.01: Group Studies in Digital Animation and Interactive Media - 3 - 5 units.
Group study on various topics related to digital animation and interactive media. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 cr hrs or 5 completions; Graded.

ACCAD 5200: Motion Capture Production and Experimentation - 3 cr.
A hands-on experience with motion capture technologies, addressing contexts and applications. Students learn to operate within an optical motion capture pipeline for recording, real-time retargeting and post-processing of full body human motion and props, as well as developing their own approaches and processes for experimenting with capturing and remapping motion. Prereq: Graduate standing for Graduate section.  Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs.

ACCAD 5301: Devising Experiential Media Systems - 3 units.
This course focuses on the creation of interactive and responsive spaces through the design of experiential media systems within the context of their underlying history, methodology, technology, and theory. Using a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, students create hybrid digital-physical experiences which investigate the application of the technology used in experiential media design. Graded.

ACCAD 5500: Integrated Tech Lab - 0.5 - 3 units.
Technology exploration using ACCAD's specialized graphics laboratories. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 cr hrs or 4 completions. This course is graded S/U.

ACCAD 5651: A History of Computer Graphics - 3 cr.
An historical overview of the development of the discipline of computer graphics and its four eras of pioneers, innovators, adapters and followers.

ACCAD 6002: Computer Game Art and Design I - 3 cr.
Introduction to concepts for design and prototyping of games for entertainment, learning and social good.

ACCAD 6003: Computer Game Art and Design II - 3 cr.
Advanced topics for design and production of both fun and serious games including networked multi-player and mobile devices. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs.

ACCAD 6650: History of Animation - 3 cr.
An overview of the art in animation. This course will study the history and theory of Hollywood studio animation, world animation, and contemporary independent animation. Course will provide an understanding of the fundamental dramatic narratives found in animation. Prereq: graduate standing.

ACCAD 6651: Digital and Physical Lighting - 4 cr.
Introduction to the principles and concepts of lighting as used in theatre and computer graphics. Working in collaborative teams, students develop and execute digital and analog lighting schemes. Prereq: Grad standing, or permission of instructor. Cross-listed in Theatre.

ACCAD 7001:  Virtual Modeling - 3 cr.
Design and modeling principles of 3D objects, environments and characters for animation, games and visualization. Prereq: Grad standing.

 ACCAD 7002: Synthetic Cinema - 3 cr.
Concepts and techniques for the combination of recorded and computer-generated media through processes of editing, compositing, motion tracking, virtual sets and other multimedia applications. Prereq: Grad standing

ACCAD 7003: Expressive Animation - 3 cr.
Movement concepts and techniques specific to computer animation including timing, spacing, inverse kinematics/forward kinematics, character motion and advanced animation approaches. Prereq: Grad standing.

ACCAD 7004: Procedural Shading - 3 cr.
The application of mathematical models used in computer graphics to mimic light behavior and surface patterns when generating three-dimensional, computer-generated imagery. Prereq: Grad standing.

ACCAD 7005: Experimental Scripting for Animation in Maya- 3 cr.
An introduction to scripting in Maya to streamline workflow, exercise control over complex operations and to explore motion graphics through mathematical procedures. Prereq: Grad standing.

ACCAD 7101:  Performance and Installation Technologies - 3 cr.
An overview of technologies useful for creating interactive installations and performance systems, using video projection, 3D graphics, environmental sensors and visual programming. Prereq: Grad standing.

ACCAD 7103: Designing Immersive Virtual Environments - 3 cr.
Creative and technical concepts for the development of simulations, installations, augmented reality and responsive spaces using 3D computer graphics with gesture-based and alternative input systems combined with immersive display methods. Prereq: Grad standing. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs or 3 completions

 ACCAD 7104: Procedural Animation - 3 cr.
The investigation of procedural methods for modeling and animating 3D computer graphics. Prereq: Grad standing.

 ACCAD 7504: Animation Production - 1 - 6 cr.
An advanced studio course designed for students who are well versed in animation concepts and technical basics. The course challenges students to embark on collaborative animation projects that are currently in-house at ACCAD. Prereq: 7001, 7002, 7003, 7004, or 7005, or permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 cr hrs or 4 completions.

 ACCAD 7892: Interdisciplinary Creative Research Seminar  - 0.5 - 3 cr.
Interdisciplinary investigations around the use of technology in creative research applications. Prereq: Grad standing. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 cr hrs or 4 completions.

ACCAD 7893: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Studio Experience  - 1 - 3 cr.
Creative research integrating information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts, &/or theories from two or more bodies of specialized knowledge to advance fundamental understanding or solve problems whose solutions are evolving. Prereq: Grad standing. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 cr hrs or 4 completions.

DANCE Courses at ACCAD:

Dance 5213:  Intermedia Performance - 3 cr.
For this course undergraduate and graduate students from the performing and visual arts explore the world of intermedia hands-on. Each day we create compelling environments for performance with the hanging screens and scrims, projectors, sound system and theatrical lighting readily available in the space. We investigate the compositional methods that make post-medium artworks of this kind work and address perennial issues of attention, perception of live vs. mediated elements, integration of multiple modes of expression, and conceptual/historical/theoretical concerns. Throughout the course and in self-designed final projects, students conduct choreographic, improvisational, and creative experiments combining the moving body and the moving image to convey new ideas, illuminate old ones, and expand the horizons of the performing arts.

MUSIC Courses at ACCAD:

Music 5637.01: Composition with Electronic Media I - 2 cr.
This course will consider the basic concepts and tools of computer music, concentrating on musique concrete (sample-based music). We will take a composition - based approach to learning these concepts and tools. Small creative assignments will be due each week, or every other week, depending on the assignment. We will also have a series of lectures concerning the basics of sound and we will listen to many examples. Prereq: Permission of Instructor.