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The Sim Lab at ACCAD is a collaborative space that supports innovative research and creative experimentation across multiple simulation platform modalities. Real-time rendering, games and mobile device applications, networked multiple user interaction, touchscreens, stereoscopic and head-mounted displays are examples of the technologies used in the lab. An emphasis is placed on reducing the learning curve of implementing these hardware and software combinations so that researchers can focus on ideas and creativity. The lab is a resource for exploration and exposure to alternative ways of thinking about presentation and interaction with computer graphics applications and creative works. 

The Sim Lab houses hardware, software, and expertise for virtual/augmented reality and immersive technology projects. The facility also supports designing and prototyping new physical and virtual control schemes to complement experimental interactive media endeavors. The Sim Lab features high-end computing workstations that aid the production and playback of high-fidelity VR experiences and equipment for more modes of simulation, including full-body gesture tracking and large-scale immersive projection systems. The facility also holds a library of mobile device hardware for augmented reality applications and affiliated 3D printing hardware for prototype hardware fabrication. 

Students involved in activities at the SIM Lab


The SIM lab was originally established as the Interface Lab in 2006 with support from an Arts and Humanities Seed Grant. Initially configured with a large-scale stereoscopic rear-projection system, the facility has continued to evolve through additional research grants and funding through projects with other university and external collaborators.   


  • HTC Vive 
  • HTC Vive Pro with Wireless Adapter 
  • Meta Quest 2 and link cables 
  • Windows Mixed Reality headset 
  • Oculus Rift DK2 
  • Mackie Microseries 1202-VLZ 
  • Logitech Extreme 3D pro 
  • Sound Blaster X-fi Surround 5.1 pro 
  • Razer Tiamat headset 
  • USB Audio Adaptor 
  • CM Storm headset 
  • Saitek P2900 
  • Logitech Controllers 
  • Wiimotes 
  • 5DT Data Glove 
  • Arcade controls and components 

Additional Features:

  • CleanBox Headset Sanitization System  
  • Portable television monitors 
  • Boxlight projectors 
  • Projection mount hardware and rigging equipment 
  • Ceiling mounted rigging rails 
  • Allen wrenches and other hardware tools 
  • Electronic circuit and wiring cart 
  • Floor to ceiling reconfigurable dry erase walls