Affiliated Graduate Students

Students choose to study at ACCAD from many different departments at The Ohio State University including: Art, Design, Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Art Education, Theater, and Dance. The students represented below are currently enrolled in one of the affiliated graduate degree programs or work as ACCAD Graduate Research Associates; or they are integrating digital animation and interactive media into their graduate field of study listed below while at ACCAD.

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  • Hsi-Yuan Chu, Design
  • Thomas Ellsworth, Design
  • Mila Gajic, Design
  • Jiaxing Gao, Design
  • William Glover, Design
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Hejny, Design
  • Kayla Lehman, Design
  • Junlong Li, Design
  • Min Liu, Design
  • Mirkamil Mierkamili, CSE
  • Katie O'Loughlin, Dance
  • Emily Subr, Design
  • Juan Torres Brenes LaRoche, Design
  • Margaret Valluri, Design
  • Megan Wright, Design
  • Yuxin Yan, Design
  • William Yuan, Design