SIM Lab System

Multi-User Touch Table

The multi-user touch table

The Multi-User Touch Table is an in-house hardware design and implementation of a 50" tabletop rear-projection display surface using machine vision to track multiple and simultaneous cursor inputs for collaborative and/or gesture-based interaction with computer graphics applications.

Immersive Display Wall

The immersion display wall

The Immersive Display Wall is a 10' by 6' floor-standing rear-projection screen capable of stereoscopic 3D display using polarized glasses. The display can be used for a wide range of applications, with user input capabilities including motion tracking through magnetic or camera vision systems, and a variety of input devices such as a Wii remote and other game controllers.

High Definition Stereoscopic DLP

The HD 3D DLP projector

A High Definition Stereoscopic DLP projector with active stereo glasses, allowing for highly portable projection of 3D imagery without dependency on special projection surfaces.

42” LCD Touchscreen Display

The 42" touchscreen

A 42” LCD Touchscreen Display is a 16:9 commercial flat panel monitor with infrared touchscreen overlay capable of multi-touch input. The display may be used in a variety of orientations including as a table top interactive surface. The hardware allows for integration with multi-touch capabilities newly available in popular operating systems.

Polhemus Fastrak Motion Capture System

The motion capture system

A Polhemus Fastrak motion capture system, and a variety of other input devices available for experimentation.