SIM Lab System

Multi-User Touch Table

The multi-user touch tableThe Multi-User Touch Table is an in-house hardware design and implementation of a 50" tabletop rear-projection display surface using machine vision to track multiple and simultaneous cursor inputs for collaborative and/or gesture-based interaction with computer graphics applications.

Immersive Display Wall

The immersion display wallThe Immersive Display Wall is a 10' by 6' floor-standing rear-projection screen capable of stereoscopic 3D display using polarized glasses. The display can be used for a wide range of applications, with user input capabilities including motion tracking through magnetic or camera vision systems, and a variety of input devices such as a Wii remote and other game controllers.

High Definition Stereoscopic DLP

The HD 3D DLP projectorA High Definition Stereoscopic DLP projector with active stereo glasses, allowing for highly portable projection of 3D imagery without dependency on special projection surfaces.


42” LCD Touchscreen Display

The 42" touchscreenA 42” LCD Touchscreen Display is a 16:9 commercial flat panel monitor with infrared touchscreen overlay capable of multi-touch input. The display may be used in a variety of orientations including as a table top interactive surface. The hardware allows for integration with multi-touch capabilities newly available in popular operating systems.

Polhemus Fastrak Motion Capture System

The motion capture systemA Polhemus Fastrak motion capture system, and a variety of other input devices available for experimentation.