Columbus Crossing Borders Exhibit at the Dublin Arts Center; May 1-June 8

April 30, 2018
Digital Interactive Exhibit on Display at the Dublin Arts Council

This event features the traveling exhibit Columbus Crossing Borders, in which 34 artists have created paintings centered on the stories of refugees. The artists "cross borders" into each others' works of art, evoking the experience of crossing into unfamiliar territory, as refugees do.

Accompanying the exhibit is an interactive experience designed and developed by Zach Winegardner of Design/ACCAD and Hilary Katz of the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at OSU.

This digital interactive allows participants to choose an artwork from Crossing Borders and compose a new composition and story. By using existing artworks to create a new digital artwork, participants discover the challenges and rewards of navigating a foreign space, in this case, an artwork fabricated by someone else. The exhibit will open Tuesday, May 1st (reception 6-8pm) and show until June 8th at the Dublin Arts Council.

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