Affiliated Graduate Students

Students choose to study at ACCAD from many different departments at The Ohio State University including: Art, Design, Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Art Education, Theater, and Dance. The students represented below are currently enrolled in one of the affiliated graduate degree programs or work as ACCAD Graduate Research Associates; or they are integrating digital animation and interactive media into their graduate field of study listed below while at ACCAD.

Click on the student's name below to view their website. Note: These links take you to web sites where the views expressed are not necessarily those of ACCAD, The College of Arts and Sciences, or The Ohio State University.

Kevin Bruggeman, Design

Breanne Butters, Design
Victoria Campbell, Design
Dreama Cleaver, Design
Axel Cuevas Santamaria, Art
Stacey (Sherrick) Dunten, Design
Devin Ensz, Design
Bruce Evans, Design
Kien Hoang, Design

Ece Karaca,Design
Sarah Lawler,
Kaustavi Sarkar
, Dance
Benny Simon
, Dance
Charlotte Stickles, Dance
Lexi Stilianos, Dance
Caitlyn Trevor, Music
Hemalath Venkataraman
, Design
Jonathan Welch,
Zach Winegardner,Design