You Chose: CD-ROM

You Chose: CD-ROM



The curricular areas for the project are Civics, Government, and Social Studies. It consisted of two subprojects: the first, called the elementary project, was intended for use in the primary grades, with the materials addressing the fourth-grade proficiency test. The second, called the secondary project, was intended for use in the secondary grades, with the materials addressing the ninth grade proficiency test.

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PI: Wayne Carlson, Department of Design

Project Description

Elementary Project
The initial unit theme addressed in the elementary project was similar to that currently being addressed through the use of the Ohio Citizen’s Digest. The basic material covered in this publication was modified and extended to take advantage of the CD-ROM medium. For example, the Symbols of the State of Ohio section come to life through the use of sound, video and other supporting materials. As another example, the Ohio Presidents section was coordinated with maps and other materials, allowing for a coordination of content that could enhance the learning process and develop the integrated skills required in the proficiency tests.

Secondary Project
The initial unit theme addressed in the secondary project was the demystification of the election process. This was explained via the use of an interactive, step-by-step “walk” through the process that included appropriate intermediate steps that are informed by examples of required and relevant materials. Additionally, there was a case study, depicting a hypothetical election, that can be accessed from any of the steps in the process navigation. This material allowed a teacher to formulate a lesson plan that can use either or both sets of materials to teach this important concept.

The final product was a CD-ROM which provided an opportunity for  student to interact with these materials.

Sponsored by The American New Media Educational Foundation and The Ohio Secretary of State.

Completed on June 1, 1997

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