Another Inconvenient Truth: An Inquiry on Sustainability

Developed in part during the Building Virtual Environments course (Arts Col 762) , with Alan Price, instructor.

Interactive Media; Scientific Visualizations; Simulation Lab

Series of concept car angles

Thesis Advisors
Noel Mayo
Elizabeth Sanders
Paul Nini

Student Researcher
Mert Sondac (Design)

Developed in part during the Building Virtual Environments course, with Alan Price, instructor.

The goal of this thesis was to investigate possible ways to improve the current transportation system in regards to sustainability. This paper took a close look at alternative green energy technologies that can be a replacement to fossil fuel along with the AFVs (alternative fueled vehicles) as a part of the literature review.

The concept vehicle (OSU Car) was designed to visualize suggestions for improving sustainability in urban areas. This design was the outcome of initial design research and literature review.

The final part of the research was the 3D projection of the OSU Car. This concept was modeled in 3D, then brought into Unity 3D, which is a game engine, to add interactivity and 3D effects. A 3D projector was used and participants wore special shutter glasses to see the virtual environment in 3D. They were given a wireless game controller to rotate the vehicle on the Y axis. They were able to activate two animations; the visualization of opening the front windshield while the electric seats move forward, and visualization of the folding/unfolding of the passenger seat and steering wheel. Additional technology used in this process was a Microsoft Kinect that provided head tracking to adjust the position of the car to the user's point of view in real scale.

Completed in 2011.