Autonomous Vehicle of the Future

Interactive Media; Interdisciplinary Collaborations; Virtual Environments

Project Team

Kien Hoang, Graduate Research Associate, Design
Joe Chambers, Graduate Research Associate, Design
Prof. Alan Price, Faculty Lead
Prof. Maria Palazzi, Project Director and Faculty Lead

Erin Clepper, Mechanical Engineering
Carter Hurd, Mechanical Engineering
Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Director
Shinngaram Choi
Saurabh Rathi


Project Description

ACCAD teamed with the College of Engineering’s SIMCenter and Master’s students Erin Clepper and Carter Hurd to design and produce animated and 360 video content for simulating scenarios for autonomous vehicle of the future for Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Clepper and Hurd developed a concept design for a 2030 model year autonomous vehicle interior designed with a female buyer in mind in collaboration with students at ArtCenter College of Design.

Autonomous vehicle buck exterior with light projections on windowsInterior view of the buck showing projected text "good morning, Rachel" message on window

To bring the concept to life, Clepper and Hurd oversaw the development of a full-scale interior concept of the vehicle (a buck) to demonstrate the user experience. The interior concept features a digital projection system that projects video content on the vehicle windows to provide an immersive experience. ACCAD began this applied research work by collaborating with design students from ArtCenter and engineering students from OSU to storyboard scenarios for driving and the HMI/infotainment system in the vehicle. Design MFA student Joe Chambers produced a simulation of the driving scenario using new 360 video equipment and techniques and Design MFA student Kien Hoang produced animated simulations the HMI/infotainment system in the vehicle. Prof. Alan Price developed a proprietary software solution for aligning, synchronizing and controlling a five projector system for casting on the buck screens/windows at an angle and to fit unusual shapes – with particular attention to adjusting for warp and cropping so that video displays correctly.
This project was successfully presented to the executives in Honda in May 2018.
Funded by: Honda R&D Americas