Enclosure #2

This animation depicts the concepts of exit and entry and explores a way for understanding how different cultures are basically adjoined, inseparable, and non-linearly connected

Animated Shorts

Kyoung Lee, Art and Technology

In Enclosure #2, I respectively juxtaposed the following polarized concepts - exit and entry. I visualized the intersections of the polarized subject matter, which acts as a metaphor of the intersection between two different cultures – East and West. I pursued to depict this intersection, believing it to be the way of understanding how two different cultures are basically adjoined, inseparable, and non-linearly connected.

What draws a distinction between exiting and entering?

Literally, “exit” means a passage or way out, and “entrance” means door or gate for entering. On the supposition that there are two adjoined spaces, one can enter space 'A' through an entrance, while exiting space 'B'.
Likewise, one can enter space 'B' while exiting space 'A'. Hence the definition of entering and exiting between two spaces becomes subjective. The mutual interaction between the spaces 'A' and 'B' provides a progression from one to another, making it difficult to pinpoint the origin or end. This idea brought about a conclusion of non-linear progress. With illusionary transition, I portray the line between internal and external indistinguishable in the 3D animation, “Enclosure#2”.

Completed in 2003.