Red & Blue

Animated Shorts

This film is a short story about personality and perseverance where two balloons Red and Blue race one another every day. This is a creative work by Tyler Ayres at Ohio State University. Tyler was once a in the Department of Design - Digital Animation and Interactive Media (DAIM) program at the Advance Computer Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD).

Story & Animation:
Tyler Ayres

Narrated By:
Chris Forbes

Music Production:
Jon Chinn
Workbook Studios

Two balloons bumping into each otherRed balloon strangling Blue balloon

Jon Chinn
Dak Goodman
Brian Kern
Jeremy Martin

Sound FX:
Tyler Ayres
Brian Kern

Red balloon yelling at blue balloonRed and Blue balloon with butterfly

Tyler Ayres
Daniel Guinn

Systems Managers:
David Bertram 
Glen Shere

Completed in 2009.