2001: Summer Design and Technology


The first year of the program ran from June 18th –June 29th and provided an opportunity for young women to work directly with women professionals in a dynamic and focused technological experience. Mentors led these young women through a shared discovery of the world of graphics and animation integrating problem-solving, collaborative learning and presentation. 



Group Project

Out of the Box

In this project set to music, each student was assigned 5 seconds of music and created an animation of their choice. The requirement was that everybody had to have the same start and end frame in order to flush all the segmented animations together. Students were able to work individually and collaboratively. 

Students: Nadia, Beth, Crystal, Mimi, Deanna, Natasha, Elizabeth, Jessy, Erica, Kristen, Sarah, April, Ashley, Hayley, Melissa, Kara, Mandy, Carly, Sarah, and Amanda

Mentors: Charlotte Belland, Jessica Miller, Samantha Steele, and Katie Whitlock

two young women at a computer
students visiting COSI