2004: Prairie Project


2004's program ran from June 21st –July 2nd with young women from Columbus area public and private high schools, as well as four teachers from the Columbus Public Schools' Arts & Communications Academies high schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by seven women graduate students and two staff members from ACCAD.

This year's program looked at digital artists as proponents of social change through their art and animation. Projects focused on creating 3D animation with Maya on the topic of Ohio prairies, their history, value and preservation needs. During the first week of the program we traveled to the Prairie Nature Center at The Ohio State University Marion campus and researched issues surrounding prairie preservation and restoration. In the second week of the program the girls created final animation projects that visualized their thoughts, research and opinions on prairies using their research and software experiences from the preceding week. 



Group Projects

TEAM 1: History of the Prairie

Students: Emily, Soki, and Annie

Mentor: Yuegu Hu


TEAM 2: Loss of the Prairie

Students: Brittney, Marie, Mary and Rachel

Mentor: Francie Buschur


TEAM 3: Importance of the Prairie

Students: Laura, Gabriella and Richelle

Mentor: Shana Burns


TEAM 4: Prairie Restoration

Students: Nichole, Caitlin, Jennifer and Lauren

Mentor: Fran Kalal


student in motion capture suit
student and mentor working at computer