2006: Prairie Project


2006's program ran from June 19th–30th with 20 young women from Columbus area middle and high schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by six women graduate students and the director of ACCAD.

This year's program looked at digital artists as proponents of social change through their art and animation. Projects focused on creating 3D animation with Maya on the topic of Ohio prairies, their history, value and preservation needs.



Group Projects

TEAM 1: Spirits of the Prairie

Students: Dominique, Tyne, Emma and Alison

Mentors: Caitlin Gosnell and Fran Kalal


TEAM 2: Marion Montage

Students: Erica, Malory, Gigi and Emily

Mentor: Esther Palmer


TEAM 3: Importance

Students: Ajda, Tristyn, Alisha and Kathryn

Mentor: Francie Buschur


TEAM 4: Ecosystem

Students: Kathleen, Lindsey, Jenn and Taryn

Mentor: Beth Albright


TEAM 5: Restoration

Students: Daelann, Katie, Chelsea and Meagan

Mentor: Alice Panek


student working at computer
mentor with two students