2008: Consumption Project


2008's program ran from June 16th–27th with 15 young women from Columbus area middle and high schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by five women graduate students, one undergraduate and the director of ACCAD.

This year's program explored the topic of consumption. Each team was asked to look at the products they consume and the waste generated by consumption. Teams of three worked together to create a short animation using 3D animation software.



Group Projects

TEAM 1: Disposable Disaster

Students: Gigi, Masha and Tyne

Mentor: Beth Albright

TEAM 2: How Do You Like Them Apples?

Students: Katy, Ahkila and Dominique

Mentors: Neelima Karanam and Natalia Mercado

TEAM 3: You Want Pollution With That?

Students: Kathleen, Michelle and Simeng

Mentor: Amber Cecil

TEAM 4: The Journey of Trash

Students: Emily, Kira and Robin

Mentor: Mary Twohig

TEAM 5: The Bottle Strikes Back

Students: Alyce, Rachel and Taryn

Mentor: Jane Drozd

students working collaboratively with crayons and play-dough
Students playing an arcade game