2009: Prairie Project


2009's program ran from June 15th–26th with 11 young women from Columbus area middle and high schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by three women graduate students, one undergraduate and the director of ACCAD.

This year's program looked at digital artists as proponents of social change through their art and animation. Projects focused on creating 3D animation with Maya on the topic of Ohio prairies, their history, value and preservation needs. The group visited The Ohio State University's OSU Marion Prairie Nature Center as a basis for our understanding of prairies.



Group Projects

TEAM 1: Oh Deer!

Students: Beth, Vaasavi and Madeleine

Mentor: Mary Twohig


TEAM 2: The Burning

Students: Allie and Kelly

Mentor: Natalia Mercado


TEAM 3: The Prairie As Told by Phil the Groundhog

Students: Christine, Annie and Gillian

Mentor: Jane Drozd


TEAM 4: Flower Power

Students: Lorena, Riley and Sydney

Mentor: Amber Cecil


a student gets equipped with a motion capture suit
two students sitting on the bus