2014: River Restoration Project


2014's program ran from June 2nd–13th with 15 young women from Columbus area middle schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by five women who study at OSU and work in the art, design and technology field and the director of the program.

This year's program looked at at digital artists as proponents of social change through their art and animation. Projects focused on creating 3D animation with Maya on the topic of the Olentangy Restoration Project, the river's history, value and preservation needs. We visited the Olentangy River Restoration Project on The Ohio State University's campus as a basis for our understanding of the project.



Group Projects

TEAM 1: Adventures In Time with Joe the Duck

Students: Ava, Raven and Yasemin

Mentor: Gigi Fournier


TEAM 2: Adventures of the Olentangy: Restoration Edition

Students: Sam, Ezri and Natalie S.

Mentor: Malory Spicer


TEAM 3: Goosanity!

Students: Mattie, Grace and Na'sha

Mentor: Karen Ross


TEAM 4: Timmy the Turtle's Adventure in the Olentangy River

Students: Delta, Makayla and Natalie C.

Mentor: Tristyn Lyon


TEAM 5: The Amazing Adventure of Billy in: "Billy's Escapade"

Students: Hope, Savannah and Elyse

Mentor: Nikki Lemon


Students in Sullivant Hall
student in front of three computer monitors