2016: Honey Bee Project


2016's program ran from July 11th–22nd with 15 young women from Columbus area middle schools. These young women were mentored during their two-week study by five women who study at OSU and work in the art, design and technology field and the director of the program.

This year's program looked at the honey bee, its benefits, threats and cultivation. Projects focused on creating 3D animation with Maya on the topic of the honey bee, its history, value and preservation needs. We visited the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, OH as a basis for our understanding of the honey bee.



Group Projects

TEAM 1: Plan Bee Task Force

Students: Jasmine, Ariana and Lily

Mentor: Sarah Lawler


TEAM 2: Beelieve in Beeanca

Students: Himani, Molly and Stella

Mentor: Laura Leon Jordan


TEAM 3: Me and the Dragon Bee: A Romantic Tragedy

Students: Helena, Claire and Remy

Mentor: Maddy Varner


TEAM 4: The Buzz

Students: Sydney, Alex and Emma

Mentor: Alice Grishchenko


TEAM 5: Gone With the Bees

Students: Grace, Gabriella and Nusrah

Mentor: Riley Patrick


students working in motion capture lab
student working on computer animation