Autumn 2019


ACCAD 3350 (undergrad): History of Animation - 3 cr.
ACCAD 6650 (grad): History of Animation - 3 cr.

Class # 16444 (undergrad)
Class # 16445 (grad)
Days and Times: Wed/Fri; 9:35-10:55 am
Location: Wexner Film/Video Theater
Instructor: Dave Filipi

An overview of the art in animation. This course will study the history and theory of Hollywood studio animation, world animation, and contemporary independent animation. Course will provide an understanding of the fundamental dramatic narratives found in animation.

ACCAD 5001: Motion Studies Through Hand-Drawn Animation - 3 cr.

Class # 34625 (undergrad)
Class # 29778 (grad)
Days and Times: Tues/Thurs; 2:00-4:00 pm
Location: 060 Denney Hall
Instructor: Kyoung Swearingen

The principles of animation as demonstrated through various animation techniques. The work produced serves as a tool for comprehending the underlying process of any animation technique. Prereq: graduate standing for graduate section. 

ACCAD 5002: Computer Animation I - 3 cr.

Class # 24600 (undergrad)
Class # 24599 (grad)
Days and Times: Tues/Thurs; 11:10 am to 1:00 pm
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A (Classroom)
Instructor: Kyoung Swearingen

Overview of 3D computer animation components and stages of production.

ACCAD 5100: Concept Development for Time-Based Media - 3 cr.

Class # 24578 (undergrad)
Class # 24577 (grad) 
Days and Times: Tues/Thurs; 9:35-10:55 am
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A (Classroom)
Instructor: Stephen Conroy

Methods for developing concepts for time-based media through the cultivation of ideas and problem-solving strategies. Storyboarding, composition, editing and sound principles will be explored.

ACCAD 5140: Interactive Arts Media: Web - 3 cr.

Class # 16446 (undergrad)
Class # 16443  (grad)
Days and Times: Mon/Wed; 5:30-6:50 pm
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A (Classroom)
Instructor: Jeremy Patterson

This course focuses on developing interactive media for web delivery. Fundamental web development concepts using minimal development tools are introduced and tools which improve interactive media production efficiency are demonstrated.

ACCAD 5301: Devising Experiential Media Systems - 3 cr.

Lecture # 27190  (undergrad)  | Lab # 27192 (undergrad)
Lecture # 27189  (grad)   | Lab # 27191  (grad)
Days and Times - Lecture:  Tues. 2:45-4:35p
Days and Times - Lab:  Thurs. 2:45-5:35p
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A (Lecture); Rm 350 (Lab)
Instructors: Alex Oliszewski and Oded Huberman

From the cockpit to the performance stage the study of experiential media systems engages a broad integration of knowledge across arts, design, humanities, social sciences, and engineering.  This course focuses on creation of experiential media systems within the context of their underlying history, methodology, technology, and theory. We will investigate the underlying technology used in experiential media design, along with methods of artistic collaboration between designers, engineers, architects, and performers.  This class is intended for students whose research includes issues of environment, interactive technology, or performance in any combination. Undergraduates are required to contact the instructor before enrolling in the class..

ACCAD 6002:  Computer Game Art and Design I - 3 cr.

Class # 16447 (grad only)
cross listed with Undergrad course in Design #4104
Days and Times: Mon/Wed; 12:45-2:05 pm
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A (Classroom)
Instructor: Scott Swearingen

Introduction to concepts for design and prototyping of games for entertainment, learning and social good. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

ACCAD 7103: Designing Immersive Virtual Environments - 3 cr.

Class # 36297  (grad only)
Days and Times:Tues/Thurs; 1:15-2:35 pm
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-A
Instructor:  Shadrick Addy

Creative and technical concepts for the development of simulations, installations, augmented reality and responsive spaces using 3D computer graphics with gesture-based and alternative input systems combined with immersive display methods. Prereq: Grad standing.

MUSIC 5636.01: Electronic Music Synthesis - 3 cr.

Class # 28380 (undergrad)
Class # 28379 (grad
Days and Times: Tues/Thurs, 12:40-1:35 pm
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349-B (Sonic Arts Lab)
Instructor: Marc Ainger

Techniques of composition with electronic media, history, literature, and criticism; score preparation. Prereq: 3422, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 636.

MUSIC 2208.80: Sonic Arts Ensemble - 0.5 - 1 cr.

Class # 29385 (undergrad)

MUSIC 7208.80: Sonic Arts Ensemble - 0.5 - 1 cr.

Class # 28373 (grad) 

Days and Times: TBD
Location: Sullivant Hall, Rm 350 (Motion Lab)
Instructor: Marc Ainger

An ensemble-based course focused on the use of the computer and/or electronic technologies in music performance and music composition, along with the development of new technologies (software and hardware) for sonic arts performance. Prereq: Audition required. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 cr hrs or 10 completions.