Sonic Arts Ensemble CD Launch / Panel Discussion

Tuesday, March 22nd
2:30-4:00 PM (EST)
Motion Lab / Studio, ACCAD
350 Sullivant Hall

Sonic Arts Ensemble photo







The Sonic Arts Ensemble celebrates the launch of their first CD/Recording with a Global Discussion of Networked Performance.

We will welcome a live audience at ACCAD/OSU simultaneously with a live audience at the Computer Music Studio (CMS) in Linz, Austria. Guest speakers will include Chris Chafe (CCRMA, Stanford), who created jacktrip; and Sarah Weaver (NowNetArts and the Jacktrip Foundation), whose pioneering work in networked performance has advanced the field.

ACCAD (USA) hosts:  Marc Ainger, Ann Stimson, Oded Huberman, Norah Zuniga-Shaw
CMS (Austria) hosts: Andreas Weixler, Se-Lien Chuang