Csuri iTunes Game ~ ScatterTile

January 17, 2018

Csuri iTunes Game ~ ScatterTile


ScatterTile was created by Professor Charles Csuri, with assistance from programmer, Alex Patton, and artist, Shannon Frechen. Professor Csuri has created numerous works of computer art from it's infancy in the 1960s to this game, finished in 2017.

The text below is from the ScatterTile site on ITunes. The app is free and designed for both the iPhone and iPad. 


It is difficult to imagine today, but when the first computers were built, they were little more than glorified calculators and databases. These machines were about as far from the field of fine arts as you can get. That this changed in the late 1960s and 1970s is due to the intellectual curiosity and even playfulness of artist, Chuck Csuri, and other computer art pioneers like him. This is the reason that we have much of the visual and artistic capability which we are still exploring today.

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