Visiting Artist Susan Kozel to Give Public Lecture

September 14, 2018
Susan Kozel to Give Public Lecture on Sept. 27th
Performing Encryption and Conspiracy Archives
two artistic encounters with digitization and movement
Sept 27th, Thursday | 9:00 - 10:00 am
Motion Lab | 350 Sullivant Hall
In this talk Susan Kozel will discuss two artistic collaborations to emerge from the Living Archives Research Project. Both projects are collaborations between dancers and digital artists, revealing divergent ways to materialize traces of bodies in motion. Instead of presenting standard ‘legible’ archives, these projects play across clarity and ambiguity, somatic resonance and affective transmission. "Performing Encryption" is a collaboration with artist duo Gibson / Martelli and "Conspiracy Archives" is a Mixed Reality installation based on the work of choreographer Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir (with visuals by Jeannette Ginslov).
Professor Kozel’s scholarly and artistic work is located at the convergence between philosophy, dance, interaction design and new media. She is a Professor in the School of Art and Culture at Malmo University, Sweden. She has an international profile as a contemporary phenomenologist who applies philosophical thought to a range of embodied practices in the context of digital media technologies. Her research takes the form of both scholarly writing and performance practices. Current research foci are affect, re-enactments and somatic archiving. She is the author of Closer: Performance, Technologies, Phenomenology (MIT Press 2007) and affective Choreographies (forthcoming).
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